Area Information

The Mount Charleston Fire Protection District ranges from 4500 to 11000 foot elevation. The summers are hot and dry with long periods of High Fire Danger. The winters bring Snow which stays several months. According to the Nevada Community Wildfire Risk/Hazard Assessment for Clark County, the Mount Charleston is Rated #1 in the State of Nevada for the Extreme Hazard from Wild land Fire. A major Fuels Reduction Project is underway to try to reduce some of the existing danger.

Facts for MCFPD  # 853 Area. Kyle and part of Deer Creek

  • Four Subdivisions. Rainbow Subdivision, 335 Homes, Old Town, 30 Homes, Echo, 75 Homes and Cathedral, 35 Homes.
  • 1 Hotel with 35 Rooms
  • 1 Three Story Condominium Complex with 25 Units
  • 1 Church
  • 1 Elementary School
  • 1 Drug Rehab Camp (Harris Springs)
  • 3 Camp Ground that holds over 50 people
  • 1 Juvenile Youth Camp with over 250 wards (Spring Mountain Youth Camp)
  • Angel Peak Communication Site. This site has everything from basic communications to highly top secret Military Installations. Customers are: FAA McCarran and Palm Dale Approach. Nellis AFB (Home of the Thunderbirds and the Red Flag Games), Creech AFB (Home of the Predators). Nevada Test Site, Area 51, Metro Police, CCFD, NDF and over 300 other customers.

Facts for MCFPD Station #856 Response Area.

  • The Lee Canyon Fire Station was constructed in 1982. The existing building was constructed to house I Firefighter and 1 Fire Engine. The Mission has changed in Lee Canyon with the expansion of the Ski Area, and upgrades to the existing campgrounds.
  • Deer Creek Subdivision, 8 Residences, Lady of the Snows, 27 Residences, Whispering Pines, 30 Residences.
  • I Major Ski Area with future expansion plans in the next few years!
  • 5 Camp Grounds witch hold over 300 people
  • 1 LDS Youth Camp (Stimson) Up to 500
  • 1 Clark County Youth Camp (Camp Lee) up to 100
  • 1 Girl Scout Camp (Foxtail) up to 200