History of Mount Charleston Fire Protection District


1953 (NRS 473) Clark McNairy Fire District Formed by the request of the citizens of the Mt Charleston and Clark County Commission to the State Forester to protect life and property.

1961 to 1970 station staffed by a Fire Patrolmen with a 1 ton Fire Engine

1962 new fire station and regional office is constructed near old town

1965 a new volunteer fire department is established, this is funded and equipment by Nevada Division of Forestry.

1970 a new 1 1/2 ton Fire Engine is put into service.

1971 NDF request that Clark County Fire Department staff the station 24 hours a day’s seven days a week with one person per shift. NDF would supply the station, equipment and the radio system.

NDF would maintain a 6 person seasonal hand crew for Wildland Fires.

1975 Clark County Fire Department Request that NDF staffs the station with NDF employees. Clark County Fire Chief, stated that CCFD was not geared up for the suppression of Wildland Fire on the Mountain. The Chief also requested that NDF respond to all Structure Fires and Medical Aids within the Fire District.

1975 NDF Hired and staffed the station with three new fire fighters, each went through the City of Las Vegas Fire Academy.

1980 NDF received its first Structure Fire Engine.

1982 Station # 2 was constructed by NDF in Lee Canyon. This was protected by a 1 Ton Patrol Unit.

1984 CCFD Requested that the VFD operations be turned back to CCFD… CCFD would supply Fire Engines, Rescue, Equipment and Radio Equipment. It is now CCFD Station 81.

1985 NDF Shift Firefighters went from one to two per-shifts.

1988 NDF Hires 3 Seasonal Firefighters to staff the patrol in Lee Canyon.

1998 NDF received a new Structure Engine and a new Brush Engine, the 1980 Structure Engine was moved to Station # 2 Lee Canyon.

1999 NDF will start going through the Fire Alarm Office for all incident in the district

1999 NDF hired a Protection Officer to administer its Wildland Urban Fuels program

2007 Mt Charleston Town Board and the Clark County Board of County Commissioners’ made a request to the State Forester to expansion the Fire District to the US Forest Service Boundary.

2007 NDF, CCFD started a joint Fire Station at Station # 2

2008 BC 532 Position Filled

2010 BC position transferred to Fire Captain for Lee Canyon.

2015 New Fire District Formed under NRS 474 by Clark County the Mt. Charleston Fire Protection District.

2016 Consolidation of CCFD Volunteer Fire Department #81 and MCFPD combination fire department July 1, 2016.